Passion meets purpose

At Cognition, our path to impact is illuminated by passion, purpose, and place. The interplay between these three dynamic concepts fuels our drive to develop our craft and overcome challenges with grit and determination.

Passion energizes us to pursue
the work we love

Purpose gives us direction and
sense of meaning

Place is where passion and
purpose converge—on our
interdisciplinary teams, at
Cognition, and within ourselves

Our fundamentals

As a team, we’ve come together to identify the principles that define our culture and how we operate. They ensure our efforts are intentional, knowing the work we do today will have global impact tomorrow.


We believe that problems are meant to be solved, and we reveal hidden solutions.


Our work is intentional. Delivering impact for our clients and the communities they serve fuels our creative fire.


By collaborating across disciplines, we deliver extraordinary solutions.


Our culture encourages rigorous inquiry and values original ideas.


We are lifelong learners, constantly seeking to improve our skills and achieve a high level of craftsmanship.


We communicate in ways that ensures information is easily understood and accessible.

The interdisciplinary teams that drive our work 

At Cognition, we intentionally unite individuals with diverse backgrounds and skills to help us tap into our innate talents while developing new insights. Our proven method of working enables those from the same discipline to share knowledge while also collaborating side-by-side with teammates outside their expertise. Together we go further, faster—and our track record proves it.

Investing time and energy where it matters

We’re committed to continuously building a fulfilling place to work. Both formal initiatives and casual gestures of support help us grow, connect, and leave a positive mark.

We invest in growth

A culture of continuous learning elevates our shared expertise. We foster development through mentorship, continuing education, certification programs, and more. Our commitment to mastering our craft ensures we support careers, bring innovative ideas to our teams, and deliver exceptional solutions for our clients.

We invest in each other  

We’re a highly collaborative team, and we succeed or fail together. Trust is paramount, and our internal events and initiatives provide the space for us to forge meaningful connections with each other.

We invest in our community  

We’re dedicated to giving back. We drive our professional fields forward with board service. We take the time to teach the next generation through workshops, panels and classes. We make charitable contributions to keep the good work going.

Be part of our impact

Join a team that cares deeply about their craft and driving progress in health and life sciences. Find openings below, and to discuss other opportunities, email