A full-service strategy and communications firm

We offer multidisciplinary science communications, brand strategy, and design innovation services. Together, we craft resonant creative solutions that health and life science innovators need to create impact.

Science communication

Science communication plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between scientific experts, industry professionals, and the general public. Our work facilitates dialogue between scientific communities, industry stakeholders, and the public. This fosters a better understanding of scientific concepts and promotes the value of science in society.

Translation of complex Information

Converting complex scientific concepts and technical jargon into accessible and understandable visual/language for a broader audience.

Ethical communication

Ensuring that scientific information is communicated ethically and accurately, avoiding sensationalism

Visual communication

Creating bespoke branded visuals such as illustrations, animations, and visualizations to convey scientific information in a clear and engaging manner.

Data visualization and information design

Designing effective data visualizations and instructional design to translate complex information into easily understandable formats for diverse audiences.

Content creation

Developing visual/written content for articles, reports, and multimedia presentations, to effectively communicate scientific findings and advancements.

Strategic messaging

Developing strategic communication plans to convey key messages and enhance public understanding of scientific issues.

Educational campaigns

Develop and distribute informative campaigns aimed at enhancing public and professional understanding of intricate health and life science information.


Engage in the development of toolkits, frameworks, and processes to document, share and strengthen the field of scientific communication.

Support services

Supporting stakeholder communication; education and training materials; investor, public and media engagement; and crisis communication.

Brand & digital strategy

Excellent brand and digital strategy is vital to accurately position and promote organizations. With our brand work, we reflect your scientific expertise, credibility, and contributions while resonating with your audiences. We use an approach aimed at creating a distinct and positive image.

Brand strategy

Developing a strategic approach to define and position the brand within the scientific landscape, considering the organization’s values, goals and target audiences.

Visual identity

Creating a visual identity that includes logos, color schemes, and design elements to convey a consistent and recognizable image.

Messaging and positioning

Crafting compelling messages that highlight the unique attributes, achievements and contributions of the science, effectively differentiating it from others.

Digital communications

Establishing a strong online presence through website development, social media, and other digital platforms to showcase an organization’s expertise and engage its audiences. Creating communication strategies that bring into focus an organization’s values and mission.

Content creation

Developing content that aligns with the brand strategy, including written materials, visual assets, and multimedia content that communicates complex scientific information in an accessible manner.

Web design and development

Design and develop corporate sites, microsites, trial sites, and experiences for other digital technologies and platforms.

Thought leadership initiatives

Position clients as thought leaders in their respective fields through content creation and campaigns.

Tradeshow exhibits

Develop custom booth designs, content strategies, interactive exhibits and meaningful engagements.

Support services

Internal branding (EVP), event management, market research, collaborations and partnerships.

Design strategy & innovation

We help you develop and implement strategies that harness the power of design strategy and innovation to achieve your goals. We apply brand and communication principles to drive innovative approaches that address complex problems, elevate user experiences, and foster success.


Conducting workshops to empower teams with design thinking methodologies and foster a culture of innovation, encouraging creative problem-solving, ideation and potential solutions to business challenges.

Stakeholder collaboration

Fostering collaboration between our clients and their stakeholders to understand their needs and co-create solutions that address real-world challenges.

Cross-functional collaboration

Fostering collaboration between different departments and disciplines within an organization to ensure a holistic and integrated approach to innovation.

Strategy and planning

Partnering with clients to develop strategic plans that incorporate design principles to drive innovation and enhance competitiveness.

User experience (UX) design

Improving the overall user experience through thoughtful and intuitive design, ensuring usability and accessibility.

Regulatory compliance

Ensuring that design solutions and innovations comply with relevant regulations and standards in the health and life sciences industry.

Human-centered design

Create solutions that prioritize the needs, preferences, and experiences of end-users in health settings.

Brand innovation

Developing strategies to innovate and evolve brand identities, ensuring alignment with market trends and customer expectations.

Support services

Prototyping and testing, process optimization (service design), market research, service innovation.