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At Cognition, we're proudly impatient

For better medicines that can reach more people faster. For smoother paths to market for technology that will change lives around the globe. For a healthier world. For a more empowered one.

These are gritty challenges, where the rubber of science meets the road of real life. That friction is what ignites us. Our work is fueled by collective fire that builds as we collaborate across strategic, storytelling, and design disciplines. We co-create alongside our clients and partners to develop impactful solutions and put them to work. Because we know a great scientific idea is just the first step toward making a difference. And that’s exactly what we’re designed to do.


To deepen understanding of health and life science innovations and empower action.

Founded in 2001, Cognition Studio is dedicated to strategic communications for health and life sciences. By deepening knowledge through scientific storytelling, building groundbreaking health and science brands, and applying design strategy, we enhance comprehension and empower action.

Our passion is catalyzing breakthrough science, future-forward medical technology and healthcare innovations.

Science is complex. Clarity is essential.


We take scientific and technical information and create narratives that audiences intuitively grasp.

Strategy is vital at every stage.


Our work is intentional. We’re focused on creating the right results at the right time to make the biggest impact for our biotech and global health innovators.

Design can open minds.


We believe that good design can not only inspire the heart but vastly improve comprehension—and it can change the world.

Every brand has a story.


In biotech, the most successful brands are both authentic and innately human. We help organizations pinpoint their distinct value to connect with their audiences.

Deep and seasoned biotech and biopharma industry experience

Even the best scientific ideas need help to translate what they’re doing into impact, from attracting investors to navigating regulatory processes and solving business challenges. From burgeoning ideas to established companies, leaders need dependable experts that can be with them through all phases of growth and development.

Science knowledge

We’ve honed our perspective over 23 years of working with the world’s foremost leaders in biotech, biopharma, medical device, diagnostics, and global health. And we have built a team to match. With board certified medical illustrators (CMI) paired with PhD writers and designers, we tackle new biology and complex innovations.

Expertise in cell and gene therapy, immuno oncology and neurodegenerative disease.

Design excellence

We help our partners achieve not just their design dreams but also their business goals with sound strategy and the tools to execute it—going far beyond what a typical creative studio can deliver.

Brand development, messaging, visual systems, collateral, and company websites. We are adept at print and digital, with a strong capability to support executive leadership, corporate comms, medical info, and HR.

Executional delivery

We are thoughtful long-term partners determined to ensure success throughout an organization’s growth. From angel, seed, series A through IPO, we work to catalyze executive team’s goals through investor decks, branding, social and other key message strategies. From custom conference exhibits, disease education campaigns, to KOL engagement.

Our work is intentional at every stage, ensuring all our efforts are strategically implemented.


AIGA (re)Design Awards / AMI Awards of Excellence / Muse Advertising Awards: Gold / Cooper Hewitt 2023 National Design Award Nominee / Rx Club Awards of Excellence / Siggraph Electronic Theater 2023 Official Selection / The Telly Awards: Silver / The Telly Awards: Gold / Titan Awards: Gold

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  • AMI Salon

    AMI Salon
  • Rx Club Show

    Rx Club Show
  • Siggraph

  • The 29th Annual Communicator Awards

    The 29th Annual Communicator Awards
  • The Telly Awards

    The Telly Awards
  • Muse Creative Awards

    Muse Creative Awards
  • Siggraph


Ahead of the curve

We leverage professional affiliations to stay ahead, continuously evolving and delivering cutting-edge solutions.


AAAS, Drug Information Association (DIA),
Life Science Washington




Design Management Institute (DMI)

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