Promoting a positive professional environment.

From day one, Cognition has designed it’s benefits to support the needs of employees. Located in the Ballard Brewery District (Seattle), our office is designed and built for a highly creative and collaborative environment.

With a focus on ensuring robust benefits, we offer generous leave to ensure mindful respites throughout the year, and premium medical/dental/vision.

Our HR team at OneDigital has been with us for over 10 years, crafting a professional practice that is supported with professional development, performance management and perks programs.

Work in a consultancy/agency hybrid business model can be mentally complex, agile, and fast paced. We put harmony into practice by focusing on the mission of the work, and design our operating model to achieve success.

We give our team focused structure during the business work day (8:30am-5pm) to be productive, and to plug off when the work is done to maintain equal focus on their personal lives. This is an intentional practice supported by a reasonable focus on billable % combined with expert teams (pods) and strong project + account management support.


  • % Employer pays for Employees: 80%
  • % Employer pays for Families: 40%
  • Probation Period: One Month
  • Premera Blue Cross: Summit E3000 Plus
  • Delta Dental: Plan III
  • VSP Vision Care: Hardware II-T

Employee Benefits

  • Traditional and/or Roth 401(k) with 4% Employer Match
  • Group Term Life and AD&D Insurance
  • Principal: Short and Long Term Disability Insurance w/ bonus up plan
  • Charity Matching
  • Profit Sharing
  • Performance Bonuses
  • Professional Development

Time Off

  • PTO: 200hrs base rate, with scaling based on years of service. No waiting period, and carry over allowances.
  • Sick/Safe: 80hrs
  • Paid Holidays: 7 Days
  • Parental Leave
  • Jury Duty

Employee Handbook

Our handbook outlines the policies, expectations, and employee benefits in more detail.

How we work

At Cognition, we understand that a strong work environment is key to the success of our company.

We prioritize providing employees with the necessary space and trust them to deliver their best work. Our collective dedication to managing the studio workload, time, and deliverables is grounded in trust and clear communication with our team and clients. We have revised our time-off policies to offer greater flexibility, demonstrating our commitment to health and wellbeing, and providing everyone with more control over their time.

How we behave

At Cognition, we seek to provide a safe, non-threatening environment in which open discussion and the free exchange of views and ideas related to work-related issues can take place.

We embrace a consultative and growth-oriented mindset, continually seeking improvement and forward-thinking approaches in our roles and career development. We encourage innovation, problem-solving, and collaboration, which drive our growth and ensure the successful delivery of our work.

How we operate

At Cognition, we value the ability to work remotely (i.e., workplace flexibility) and recognize its importance for flexibility and productivity.

We value in-person collaboration for fostering a successful team environment. While we support a flexible workplace to boost productivity, satisfaction, and reduce stress, we also recognize the importance of face-to-face interactions. Our Seattle office offers meeting rooms, ideation spaces, and desk hoteling. Cognition is a mix of permanent remote workers across the U.S., and regional/local employees that are able to have flexible use of the office.

Discover boundless growth with Cognition’s professional development offerings

At Cognition, we prioritize fostering the expertise and advancement of our team. Our robust professional development program equips you to thrive in your field and propel your career forward. Here’s how we facilitate your ongoing learning:

  • Events and Conferences: Dive into industry trends and networking opportunities at leading events.
  • Short and Longer Courses: Elevate your skills with tailored training, from brief courses to comprehensive certifications.
  • Magazine Subscriptions and Books: Stay informed and inspired with access to top publications and diverse reading materials.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Receive personalized guidance from experienced professionals invested in your success.
  • Paid Time Off: Dedicate time to learning with paid leave for courses and workshops.
  • Travel Support: Seamlessly access educational opportunities beyond your locale with travel assistance.

Invest in your growth with Cognition and shape the future of our industry through continuous learning.

Join our team to unlock new perspectives

Discover a workplace where your potential is nurtured, your ambitions are supported, and your best self is always within reach.