Science is our first 

Cognition is built on a deep and singular expertise in the business of health and life sciences. We’re attuned to the gnarly challenges and groundbreaking opportunities that innovators face.

Our partners are no less than the world’s preeminent leaders and investors in biotech and biopharma. We’ve been in the room and behind the scenes for some of the most pivotal make-or-break moments when science won—and we’re not too humble to admit we played a role.

Where we support impact

We help health and life sciences organizations engage their audiences, educate their stakeholders, and overcome communications and business obstacles at multiple points before and after go to market.

Creative expertise

Brand Strategy
Content & Writing
Digital & Innovation
Science Storytelling
User Experience

Focus areas

Oncology (Heme and Solid Tumor)
Newborn & Child Health
Neurodegenerative Disease
Women’s Health

Industry pillars

Drug Discovery
Diagnostics & Device
Environmental Biotech
Global & Public Health Domains


Cell & Cell Therapy
Climate Engineering
Novel Therapeutics
Radiopharmaceutical Therapy (RPT)
Small Molecules & Biologics

Catalyzing change

We support research institutions, startups, Venture capital fund (VC fund), and established organizations in launching strategic campaigns and initiatives to catalyze change globally.

Integrated strategy

We excel at positioning our clients as thought leaders. We craft innovative brands (BVP and EVP) that set organizations apart in a crowded biotech and biopharma industry.

Deepening understanding

By improving comprehension of complex health and life science topics, we empower both public and professional communities to take informed action.

Regulatory and compliance

Cognition has extensive experience navigating the full spectrum of product development, from pre-clinical stages through clinical trials to commercial deployment. Rooted in FDA AdPromo training of regulatory and compliance intricacies, we guide clients while ensuring adherence to stringent requirements. Our expertise enables us to mitigate risks, optimize processes, and maintain regulatory compliance at every phase of development. By seamlessly integrating regulatory considerations into strategic decision-making, we consistently deliver effective outcomes, facilitating the successful progression of pharmaceutical innovations from inception to market.

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