Vassilissa Semouchkina

M. Design

Lead Information Designer

Vassilissa is a multidisciplinary designer and researcher whose work focuses on scientific communication, data visualization, speculative practices, and information design. Through her work, Vassilissa explores how design and data can be used to create greater equity in the communication of esoteric yet essential scientific information.

Vassilissa has a Master of Design from the University of Washington, where she focused on analyzing the visual culture of research laboratories to create educational materials on scientific communication and visual design that are tailored to researchers’ needs. Vassilissa has recently presented at the 2021 Information+ Conference, where she published a portion of her findings in the paper, “”This Figure Could Be Better, But How?” Advancing Design Critique in STEM Research Labs.”

Vassilissa previously worked as an adjunct professor for the University of Washington, where she taught the Division of Design and Master of Human–Computer Interaction and Design program.