Kristine Johnson


Executive Director, Co-Founder, Chief Strategist

Kristine Johnson holds a BFA in BioCommunications, a Master of Associated Medical Science and several years of post-graduate study in visual communication design focused on the science of visual cognition.

Her role is one of aggregator/filter/editor/curator within any particular client engagement. A constant awareness of the complex considerations inherent in working with scientifically inclined clients keeps her engaged; a thirst for constant learning keeps her asking the right questions. She sees her role to be one of outside advocate for the intended audience.

Kristine brings her natural talent for design strategy, whole systems thinking, brand communication design and knowledge transfer to the studio. Focusing heavily on client engagement, problem solving, brand systems design, and thought leadership—she leads her team to solve complex problems with highly successful results.

A top award winning designer and lecturer, Kristine is an active volunteer and a leader within several design-related organizations. Previously served both the local Seattle Chapter and the national organization of AIGA, the Professional Association for Design, and currently serving on the leadership team for the AIGA LINK Program.