Key Facts
“No bad weather, only bad gear”
Retired bhangra dancer
Wishes to be reincarnated as a beluga whale
Moved to Bend, OR to climb more rocks

Katie Harvey

Medical Animator + Illustrator

As the child of two technical theater artists (scenic and lighting design), Katie really had no choice but also to become an artist. After a brief foray into natural sciences, when she obtained a BS in Neuroscience from the University of Rochester, she returned to the fold and earned an MS in Biomedical Visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Katie delights in the challenge of distilling the essential meaning from a scientific story and then communicating that meaning with captivating visuals. She brings not only her experience in fast-paced medical communications agency work but also her boundless enthusiasm to the Cognition team. During her time in graduate school, Katie served as the President of the Student Association of Medical Artists, the BVIS program Anatomy Tutor, and a research assistant for the Saxena Lab. She was the recipient of the 2021 Joyce McGill award from the Vesalius Trust and is currently an active and award-winning member of the Association of Medical Illustrators. She is a lifelong learner and creative problem solver, valuing above all the power of collaboration.

Key Facts
“No bad weather, only bad gear”
Retired bhangra dancer
Wishes to be reincarnated as a beluga whale
Moved to Bend, OR to climb more rocks

Our Team

Director of Design
Dan Smith
SR Project Manager / Technical Project Manager
Jon Kauffman
Sr certified medical animator + illustrator
Val Altounian
Visual Designer | Producer
Kristin Adams Litke
Visual + Information Designer
Abigail Broussard
Director of Technology Software/Development
Chidozie Bright
Medical Animator + Illustrator
Katie Harvey
Project Coordinator
Gina-Anne Cameron-Turner
Lead Information Designer
Vassilissa Semouchkina
M. Design
Associate Director of Brand Strategy
Diliana Funtarova
BA, Psychology/Behavioral Economics
Production Designer
Josep Blas
SR Program Manager
Liz Lattanze
SR Medical Animator + Illustrator
Brandon Keehner
Sr Content Designer and Strategist
Erin Kendig
Project Manager of Science Storytelling
Julie Devi Coats
Henry Park
Lead Certified Medical Animator + Illustrator
Josh Bird
Designer, Brand + Interactive
Lindsey Jensen
SR Designer, Brand + Interactive
Rachel Simons
Sr Designer, Presentation Specialist
Jenn Luft
SR Operations Manager
Yvonne Devereaux
Lead Science & Medical Writer
Elizabeth Hjort
Associate Director of Design, User Experience
Jonathan Cook
Sr Certified Medical Animator + Illustrator
Regina Milner
Associate Director of Science Storytelling
Jared Travnicek
Lead Designer, Brand + Interactive
Amanda Grage
Co-Founder, Executive Director of Design, Chief Strategist
Kristine Johnson
Associate Director of Science Storytelling
Inessa Stanishevskaya
Co-Founder, Executive Director of Science Storytelling
David Ehlert
Sr Designer, Brand + Interactive
Karlie Surplus