Designing an integrated brand story



How do you activate a brand and culture of scientific excellence through a building design?

In partnership with the interior architect team, art buyer, and executive leadership, we seamlessly navigated the construction process and designed brand moments aligned with our strategy for activation, contemplation, and collaboration.


A building and a brand are living entities that nurture employee engagement. For Cytokinetics, their new Oyster Point (South San Francisco) building offers opportunities to activate, inspire, and strengthen brand value through strategic touch points.

Cytokinetics partnered with us to design an integrated brand story centered around the lived experience of patients with impaired muscle function and a celebration of the science. Our deployment strategy required a cohesive approach to bring this story to life.


2023 Citation Award | DGA Interior Architects

  • 2023 Citation Award | DGA Interior Architects

    2023 Citation Award | DGA Interior Architects

Science at the core

Cognition initially started working with Cytokinetics on brand experience through media and interactive exhibits for their conference trade show booths. The projects included bringing their science value proposition to life by telling the story of the sarcomere and cardiac muscle biology.

Cytokinetics continued to partner with us to bring their brand into key physical spaces throughout their office, ensuring harmony between interior design, art, and overall brand. By evaluating blueprints alongside the Cytokinetics mission, vision, and story, we designed a strategy to evoke desired employee behaviors in each space: activation, contemplation, and collaboration.

This allowed us to tap into the rich history of Cytokinetics research into muscle biology and bring elements of their founders, the biology, the patients, and the passion into their new building.

Seamless team and construction integration

Cognition set out to craft a brand story focused on patients with impaired muscle function and a celebration of science. We implemented this narrative across screens, walls, and other areas at Cytokinetics for a cohesive brand voice. Working in concert with the interior architect, art buyer, and construction management, we arrived at key decisions together, ensuring that the brand was at the core of the building experience.

Key outcomes

  • Experience patients’ lived realities
  • Take pride in the science
  • Embody brand values
  • Feel motivated for work
  • Express values in daily tasks
Clinical Trial Wall
Founders Wall

A motivating visual identity for Cytokinetic’s building

The design language needed to not only complement the interior architecture but also strengthen the future of Cytokinetics’ brand. We extended the brand color system, typography, and photography to create bold, clean, and motivating designs. These elements evoke the future of Cytokinetics’ science as a potential therapy for patients with cardiac diseases.

This dynamic project, spanning multiple floors of a new building, allowed for exploration in patterns, digital screens, installations, storytelling, and brand activation spaces.

From lobby digital walls and scientific poster wallpaper to a new spin on the periodic table to discuss muscle biology, this project is rich with brand activation.

Client Testimonial

Kristine and team are valued partners, not only for their strategic and creative expertise, but also for standing with us through thick and thin.

Diane Weiser, SVP, Corporate Communications, Investor Relations at Cytokinetics

Project Partners

  1. DGA

    Interior Architect, Alma Romo, Associate | Senior Project Designer.

  2. Stephanie Breitbard Fine Arts

    Art Consultant.—cytokinetics-south-san-francisco

  3. Weidner CA

    Fabrication and Installation.

  4. Malka Media

    Patient Documentaries.

  5. Ken Richardson Photography

    Environmental and Patient Photos.