Translating innovation into real-world impact

TriSalus Life Sciences


Can compelling science storytelling elevate a novel cancer treatment?

With a robust array of biomedical illustrations and animations, we helped TriSalus share its novel approach to liver and pancreatic tumor treatment.


TriSalus Life Sciences aims to bring new hope to patients with liver and pancreatic tumors—conditions that are extremely difficult to treat. Their innovative platform sits at the nexus of devices and therapeutics, tackling a notoriously challenging problem with a novel approach. To reach its goals, TriSalus needed to educate healthcare professionals, investors and patients about multiple facets of its potentially transformative technology.

TriSalus partnered with us to craft lasting visuals that explain its complex science in meaningful ways.


Rx Club 2022 – Two Awards of Excellence  /  MUSE Awards 2023 – Two Gold Awards  /  The Communicator Awards 2023 – Two Awards of Distinction  /  The Telly Awards 2023 – Silver and Gold Award  /  SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater 2023 Official Selection

  • Rx Club 2022 - Two Awards of Excellence

    Rx Club 2022 - Two Awards of Excellence
  • Muse Awards 2023 - Two Gold Awards

    Muse Awards 2023 - Two Gold Awards
  • The Communicator Awards 2023 - Two Awards of Distinction

    The Communicator Awards 2023 - Two Awards of Distinction
  • The Telly Awards 2023 - Silver and Gold Award

    The Telly Awards 2023 - Silver and Gold Award
  • SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater 2023 Official Selection

    SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater 2023 Official Selection

Translating science with visual clarity

TriSalus’ innovative platform combines novel device delivery technology and therapeutics to address two fundamental barriers to treating liver and pancreatic tumors: intratumoral pressure (ITP) and immunosuppression. Through a growing library of branded visuals, we articulated TriSalus’ science, technology, and underlying pathology with vivid clarity in static and animated imagery.

Our process started by reimagining its scientific vision from the ground up. Deconstructing the science into its essential components allowed us to build, layer by layer, precise narratives to hit core messages. Each static visual laid the groundwork for motion-based storytelling that would increase understanding. We visualized in motion medical devices, therapeutic mechanisms of action (MOAs), solid tumor growth and development, and vascular changes with treatment at the gross, cellular, and subcellular levels.

Solid stress compresses blood vessels, altering flow and preventing therapies from reaching malignant cells downstream. TriSalus' SmartValve technology syncs with the cardiac cycle to reopen collapsed vessels and improve therapeutic delivery. SD-101 is a TLR9 agonist that stimulates the immune system and initiates a signaling cascade to reprogram myeloid-derived suppressor cells. Cognition elucidated these concepts at various scales, macro to micro, to maximize the impact of this science and device technology.

Enlightening through modular education

The collection of assets we created included a series of engaging animations for healthcare professionals and investors.

They take the viewer through the technology, starting with an overview of the liver anatomy, vasculature, cellular landscape, and effects on the immune system. The story then moves on to the MOA of SD-101 [their toll-like (TLR9) agonist] and how its signaling cascade eliminates or reprograms MDSCs, promoting the immune system’s responsiveness. The remaining chapters cover the tumor microenvironment, drug infusion approaches, and a summary of treating immune dysfunction in the liver. We followed up this series of animations with two additional chapters to highlighting the supporting clinical data and patient outcomes associated with using their technology.

Vibrant, high-quality visuals and engaging motion graphics are meant to inspire hope in the audience.

An information-dense visual library

Our deliverables included a series of custom 3D medical illustrations and 3D animation modules, a sonic identity, a PPT theme and corporate presentations, social media support, and numerous visualizations extending to brand identity and a full corporate website refresh.

Ultimately, we developed a rich and growing library of educational assets to be used across multiple channels. This created a consistent brand identity to support investor relations and corporate communications, educate healthcare professionals, and connect with prospective patients.

Client Testimonial

Thank you to the entire Cognition team for all your efforts in helping us translate our science. You all are incredibly talented, and we would not have arrived here without you and your team!

Mary Szela, President & CEO of TriSalus