Benefits designed to meet the needs of our employees.

We have a deep commitment to providing our employees with the resources they need to achieve a healthy work/life balance. We understand that there may be times in our employees’ lives when they need additional assistance; we are here to listen and work to provide access to resources to help address life’s challenges and transitions. At Cognition, we are committed to helping our employees build a future and take advantage of all our benefits with our commitment and value.


  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance


  • 401(k) Retirement Plan + 4% Employer Safe Harbor Matching
  • Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Disability Insurance, Short and Long Term


Sick/Safe Leave
Vacation (Paid Time Off)

Worker’s Compensation

Cognition is covered under Workers’ Compensation policies in accordance with requirements the state of residence/work location. Should an employee sustain a work-related injury, they must immediately notify HR (and manager). Should the injury require attention of a doctor, seek medical attention, and inform the doctor that it is a work-related injury. In the case of an emergency, employee should go to the nearest hospital emergency room for treatment and notify HR (and manager) as soon as practicable.

Health Insurance Benefits

Regular employee working a minimum of 20 hours per week are eligible to receive medical, dental, and vision insurance through Cognition effective on the first day of the month following the date of hire. Regular employees working less than 20 hours per week, temporary employees and outsourced workers are not eligible for this insurance coverage. Questions about coverage: Please refer to the Summary Plan Description provided by Cognition’s Insurance Broker, which is available in the Employee Wiki. If there is any conflict with other oral or written descriptions of these benefits, the descriptions in the plan documents and insurance contracts will govern, control, and take precedence.

Employer Paid Insurance Benefits

Cognition also provides employer paid Life, Short- and Long-term disability insurance policies. For more information about these insurance benefits, please refer to the material provided by Cognition’s broker. The descriptions in the Plan documents and insurance contracts supersede if there is any conflict with other oral or written descriptions of these benefits.


Cognition currently offers all regular employees the option to participate in a 401(K) savings plan with a corporate match. Under this plan, a regular employee may choose to make salary reduction contributions to the plan rather than receiving these amounts as part of regular pay. Regular employees are eligible to start making contributions starting the first pay period of the month after the hire date. Please see HR for more information on this benefit to participate.

Profit Sharing and Discretionary Bonuses

Employees may be eligible for quarterly profit sharing and discretionary bonuses depending upon Company achievements and employee contributions to the Company’s success in reaching these achievements.

Other Benefits

Cognition regularly evaluates its employee benefits and perquisites. Additional benefits may be available which are not listed in this section: Professional Education, Development and Memberships, Company Paid Holidays, Employee Referral Program, Charity Matching (100% of employee donations up to $250 annually).

Paid time off and leave of absences.

Time off for employees is essential for any organization’s success. It provides employees with the opportunity to take a break from their work and recharge, while also allowing employers to manage their workforce more efficiently. Vacation days, sick days, personal days, and other types of leave are all forms of employee time off that can be utilized.

Paid Time Off

At Cognition, we understand the importance of rest and relaxation, so we provide paid vacation time off to full-time and part-time employees. This time can be used for rest, relaxation, and personal pursuits. Vacation time begins to accrue from the date of hire and can be used immediately with approval from a manager. Temporary and outsourced workers do not accrue vacation time and are not eligible for paid vacation time.

Sick and Safe Leave

At Cognition, we understand that rest and refreshment are essential for our well-being. We also recognize that there are times when we are sick, need to support family in their healthcare, or have an unexpected need for time away from work.

Family and Medical Leave

Cognition is not required to comply with the Federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) due to our Employee size. However, Employees who need time off from work due to their own serious illness or injury or to deal with a serious health condition of an immediate family member may be granted a medical leave in accordance with the WA Paid Family Medical Leave Act. For Employees located in states other than WA, Cognition will work with them to apply similar benefits in accordance with any available leave laws or short-term disability policies. For more information, please refer to Appendix A of this Handbook.

Cognition Paid Parental Leave

Cognition offers two (2) weeks of paid parental leave to Employees after the birth of their child or the placement of a child with them through adoption or foster care. This policy is designed to give parents extra time to bond with their new child and adjust to their new family life. We believe that providing flexibility and family-friendly policies is essential to creating an environment where Employees can succeed professionally without compromising their family commitments. This policy will run alongside all other applicable leaves.

Personal Leave

Cognition may grant a personal leave of absence without pay at their discretion, provided the Employee has used up all their accrued vacation time. Requests for personal leave should only be made in extraordinary circumstances, and no more than three months of leave will be allowed, unless compelling reasons are presented. All personal leave requests must be approved by the Employee’s manager, and Cognition reserves the right to deny any request.

Bereavement Leave

Employees who experience the death or serious accident of an immediate family member may be granted up to three days off with pay. Additional time off may be granted at the discretion of Cognition and can be paid for using accrued sick or vacation time. If no such time is available, any additional time off will be unpaid.