Diliana Funtarova

BA, Psychology/Behavioral Economics
Associate Director of Brand Strategy

Diliana has a BA in Psychology/Behavioral Economics with a minor in marketing & computer science, with continuing education in behavioral science trends through Stanford and Yale. With 11+ years of experience in brand strategy, healthcare and life science marketing, + advertising. Her strengths lie in behavioral science, user-centric strategy and design, digital technology, and analytics. In addition, she applies her skills and expertise to our discovery stage and pre-commercial biotechs.

Diliana is an exceptional client relationship manager and manages and guides our interdisciplinary creative team here at Cognition. Her previous experience is in Account Management Client Service at all healthcare agencies Evoke Giant [formerly Giant Creative Strategy], and as well as with Eveo.

She believes in nurturing a deep business growth relationship with clients, and in effect, becomes a part of every possible aspect of a client’s creative work – from strategy through tactical planning and execution. She has deep expertise in Patient, HCP, Congress, digital, media, analytics work streams within a 360-marketing engagement.

At Cognition, she will expand her skills to support our VC Biotechs by building a strategic approach to their brand development, communications, and digital presence. Managing designers, digital/social media, web design, advertising, and other core disciplines to ensure a 360 approach to NewCo launches.

Our Team

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Diliana Funtarova
BA, Psychology/Behavioral Economics
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