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Trial Exhibit: Colovaginal Anastomosis


Colovaginal Illustrative Exhibits

We identified that this case needed clear anatomical illustrations to show the jury how this surgical procedure performed by two surgeons went so wrong—we would need two points of view to tell this story as clearly as possible—and shown steps for how the procedure should have gone if it had been performed correctly.

We began preparing early to allow plenty of time for refining the story and exhibits with the attorneys' and medical experts' input. We chose to eliminate any anatomical details that would take away from what fundamentally mattered: namely the colon, rectal stump, and vaginal stump.

All of the exhibits were provided for use in PowerPoint. Each slide was presented in a static format with animated elements added when it benefitted the story. By working natively in PowerPoint, the attorney, the expert, and our team were able to actively exchange files for edits and modifications up to the very last minute.

“The other guy's drawings were good, but your drawings were cleaner, more precise and visually more attractive. Also, they had top & bottom upside down on one of theirs. Most importantly, our witnesses had ok'd your drawings, while it appeared that the defendant hadn't approved theirs part of theirs was a problem for them in that it didn't really match their guy's testimony.”
—Matthew Knopp, Attorney, PWRLK