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Galderma Psoriasis MOA Storyboards


Viscira partnered with Cognition's certified medical illustration team to deliver highly accurate conceptual storyboards and science driven illustrations for Galderma's Psoriasis MOA animation.

A primary goal of this project was providing Viscira with concept art assets that illustrate key details mentioned in the psoriasis animation script. From there, we established a compelling mood board series to convey psoriasis at the gross and cellular levels with a focus on the keratinocyte. Lastly, we created key storyboard frames to reinforce the script in preparation for the Kane and his animation team to do their 3D magic. The final presentation was a high end, 3-minute mechanism of action (MOA) animation that is compelling to watch while educating and communicating its intended goals at the same time.

Teaming up with Viscira's science writers, animation team, and gifted producers continues to be a win/win scenario.


Art Director: Gabriele Gennaro,
Animation Director: Hagop Kaneboughazian,
Certified Medical Illustrator: David Ehlert


“Holy Cow! Is this David guy for real? I've never seen such elegant work! AMAZING! I've got to meet him.”Ayaimah Ramsammy, Director of Account Management, Viscira, LLC