Tom Callahan

Key Facts
Loves solving problems with code
Never wants to stop learning new languages and code bases
Born in Syracuse, New York
Seattle Sounders fan
Web Developer, front-end

Tom joined Cognition in April 2017 after working at another small creative firm in Seattle that specialized in crafted software, web, app and digital experiences for brands such as Microsoft, Starbucks and Google. A graduate from RIT, Tom is a hybrid designer/developer who brings strong user interaction and digital forward approaches to customer experience. Tom brings 8 years of professional web development experience and has a calm-within-the-storm attitude. As a front-end web developer, Tom brings websites to life through micro interactions, smooth transitions, and the “surprise & delight” of web users.

Uses HTML, CSS, Adobe Creative Suite, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, mySQL and creating custom content management theme development. Utilizes logical, creative, problem solving in every project, he is thoughtful in his planning approach and collaborative with the designers + client along the way.

Thrives on deep project plans, making clear paths for completion and supportive of client feedback to make web content come to life.