Studio Coordinator


Cognition is looking for a detailed-oriented “air traffic controller” to join our team as our Studio Coordinator. This is a multifaceted role which includes ensuring studio directors have clear data to make resourcing decisions, clients visiting our office have an amazing experience and employees working in our office feel happy and supported.

You will prepare a studio-wide view of resource allocations/needs, critical dashboards that help us understand the complexity of our project load (higher level PM but not in the weeds management), coordinator weekly director-level pipeline planning & forecasting, and support large account budget analysis. Dry stuff, we know, but if you like information and wrangling we need you!

On the flip side, we’d love if you would drive the coordination of company events, and employee activities to ensure we are working as a holistic team and driving culture throughout our full approach and intent as a Studio.

To excel in this position, you need to have exceptional spreadsheet, organization and communication skills, be able to switch between tasks easily, be a team player and happy to “roll up your sleeves” to do what it takes to get things done. You need to have a strong work ethic, dedication, and an upbeat personality. Having several years of creative consultancy or agency experience is going to help you get us on track quickly, and help you drive success with us! We are constantly busy, with new work and priorities dropping daily, so having prior experience is going allow you to swim through the fog.

This position is full-time and located in our Ballard office where staff enjoy a newly designed office space, walkable neighborhood, and super interesting clients/work.



  • Resource planning and higher level PM views
  • Pipeline planning for our directors who typically manage distinct lines of business/accounts
  • Annual budget planning with our directors on their critical accounts and set up of our systems internally to capture, track and report on budget usages over time
  • Always look for ways to improve processes and procedures for a more efficient workplace
  • Events and culture


Nice to have

  • Billing support (we have a lengthy monthly invoice process)
  • Support project tracking/planning for our tech team (web developers)
  • Not adverse to answer the phone so we can stay focused