Presentation Specialist


Cognition Studio is a boutique agency positioned to offer design, interaction, and biocommunication expertise to leaders in life sciences, healthcare, and global health.

We’re seeking a talented presentation specialist who is eager to help executive teams tell compelling and clear stories through their presentations. As a presentation specialist, you will work with the team to craft the narrative, execute theming and design approach alongside designers, writers, science storytelling illustrators and animators.

Our presentation specialists are expected to build with a deep level of expertise in PC Office 365 PowerPoint, for which we design with a high level of visual and intellectual craft. You help bring complex health, science and technological information, data and narratives to life with clarity and a high level of craft.

Tasks may include: consulting on what’s possible in PowerPoint (knowing limitations and staying current with the technology); taking a designed theme and apply it; taking content and styling it; working through complex client provided slides to determine the best approach to content delivery; and executing edits.

Application requirements and instructions
To apply, submit your resume, cover letter, and portfolio. Your portfolio should demonstrate your specific role and contributions for each project. We’re always interested in the outcome of projects. But, when hiring our peers, we’re also particularly interested in hearing the process involved in developing the presentation.

Our studio and the subject matter we deal with as a studio can be quite complex and dense. Due to the nature of our work, we’ve found that being detail oriented and a PowerPoint builder that has their own SOP for quality assurance is a necessity, and that they build with the client in mind.