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Medical Visualization in the Time of a Viral Outbreak

February 22, 2016
By Inessa Stanishevskaya
Mon, 02/22/2016 - 17:23 -- Inessa Stanishe...
Zika virus

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SEATTLE, WA — A viral outbreak can often be a time of intense fear and uncertainty. A vital part in combating the anxiety that can arise as a result, is the creation of accurate and engaging modes of information dissemination for the general public.

This is particularly true in the ongoing worldwide outbreak of Zika, a mosquito-borne virus, which has recently swept much of South America and has now produced individual cases in a number of countries on nearly every other continent. Although the virus has dominated the news since the beginning of the year, little is still known about it.

Our intent was to compile the known facts about this virus and to share this information in a succinct and visually-engaging fashion with the general public interested in learning more about the topic. 

Please feel free to download and share the visualizations below!

Zika virus information sheet:

Anatomy of a Zika virion (from an extrapolated model of the virus):

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