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Honored to be a Nominated 2014 Seattle AIGA Fellow

November 5, 2014
By Kristine Johnson
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Wed, 11/05/2014 - 20:17 -- Kristine Johnson

On October 23, 2014 I was notified of being nominated by my Chapter for the 2014 Seattle AIGA Fellow Award. It is a great honor and privildge to be a member of AIGA, to serve my Seattle Design community, and to strive to lead in a way that leaves a mark…or maybe it is more appropriate to say, creates a ripple.

The Fellow program is a means of recognizing mature designers who have made a significant contribution to raising the standards of excellence in practice and conduct within their local or regional design community as well as in their local AIGA chapter. The areas of education, writing, leadership, and reputation as well as the practice of design shall be given equal consideration in measuring significant contribution.

The list of nominees for 2014 was of profound caliber, character and demonstrates the quality and clarity of Design in Seattle. Why my name was included still eludes me, as it is true that my 'best years are yet to come,' so I look forward to my growing career with AIGA, Design and the Seattle creative community. The award was rightfully awarded to the master designer and longtime professor Douglas Wadden. His impact and shear body of work is like no other. His passions, knowledge, expertise and craft for Design is a force to be reckoned with. See more photos from the event

Congrats to Doug on his much deserved award! And thank you to AIGA for the nod my way.

I have been a member of AIGA, the professional association for design, since graduate school in 1998, and in recent years have pledged to be a Design Leader. AIGA has empowered my career, created powerful connections with industry KOLs, and taught me that fueling something bigger than yourself helps proprel you foward in ways you could never have calculated. It has also given me lifelong friends, colleagues and a growing community—the pulse of which is beating fast as Design undergoes a radical transformation.

My contributions seem minimal, my passion is quite large. I love AIGA. Over the past years, I have served on the Seattle Board of Directors, co-chaired Into the Woods Conference, co-hosted the chapter's 25th Anniversary Party, hosted Seattle's first Design for Good Design Summit with Pepsico Nuturition Ventures, served on the Advisory Board, still serving on the leadership board for the AIGA LINK Program, and served at the national level on the National Board selection committee. Not to count the community efforts, events, and relationships strategically built with IxDA, Universities, and Businesses. Of course, when you serve AIGA, you know the countless long hours, hundreds of emails and tireless nights devoted to the cause. It's exhilerating and exhausting at the same time…I moved into 'retirement' last year as I transitioned my firm to pivot for growth. Stepping away from the community at a time of deep change was very hard, I mentored and stayed up as best I could. Now I find myself getting back into the saddle and am heading back to work with AIGA National serving on a committee…and I can't wait for my next AIGA adventure!

Thank you to AIGA Seattle, I will forever be of service.
Kristine Johnson, MAMS
Co-Founder and Chief Design Strategist